Tricia: Making Choices Between Her Careers And Her Dreams.

Loving african mom spending time with child

Tricia smiled at the little boy, her precious son, with his promising smile, they were waiting for the professional nurse, who will also serve as a baby sitter to show up. His face revealed anticipation, she had told him what to expect and he smiled his understanding, spurring  her on, and  assuring her that everything will be alright and she believed that promise.

This day four  years ago, she had met the love of her life and said ‘she did’, it was not long before she tested positive to her pregnancy test.  But, something had gone wrong at the birthing.  The doctors had fought and won the battle.  Arthur was kept in the intensive care and after a long time, released to the loving care of his parents.

Three years after, Arthur still needed intensive care, he was in the baby cart,  he had been diagnosed for acute cerebral palsy.  As the months turned to years he grew bodily, as everyone patiently watched him improved in cognition. They celebrated every step knowing that it took extra effort for him . Arthur had one thing constant going for him, that was his healing smile.  Which he constantly bestowed on his parents.

Tricia loved her baby and enjoyed every process, she was also determined to improve her self-worth, and she was making progress with her life, just like her son taking baby steps towards her dreams.

While her husband Jake worked, Tricia had had  to quit her job to enable her stay closer to Arthur, they have agreed that it was time for her to do something for herself,  hence the help, this way, she would have space and ‘me time’. When the  help finally showed up, they had their conversation.

Grateful for that privilege, she sat down on her study desk, booted the system, waiting.  It was definitely time to expand her streams of income, as a work from home mum. But did she have the traits required? Like been self-driven and self-motivated? Was she mentally equipped and organized enough to manage her own business? When the system finished booting, she began her search, she had a business plan somewhere, she had a work plan. She typed the search button, hoping to find it and begin process of review and implementation.

Getting her life back would be challenging, she would create a strategy to juggle between child-care and her career?  She would start with working on her network, she had one very important tool that was the working tool and people resource.

After hearing about other women like herself, she was willing to take the dare, she desperately wanted  success, but she had been told to be patient , to celebrate every baby step of victory as a work from home mum, as little drops of water can become a mighty ocean.