Top 10 Skills For every Work From Home Mom

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As a work from home mom, I have realized that there are two ways in which people can become skillful, it either comes naturally or it can be acquired.  The number one skill is

(1) Determination, when one is determined to succeed, such a person would be willing to go all the way and pay the necessary price to achieve their desired success.

I believe that any skill can be learned, if you are determined enough and if you push yourself to the extra mile. Hence, work from home mom should not despair as they can achieve anything with determination and drive.

(2) Self-esteem and self-image are important attributes, this is the ability to believe in oneself, to have a ‘can do’ attitude, and to  see every challenge as an opportunity to learn new things, it important to note that instead of despair, you find the way out.

(3) Drive: Along with determination, is one’s ability to drive themselves, this is very important for the work from home mom as she will definitely encounter things that will discourage her.  Things like her mental health, children, partners, finances, family and friends.

(4) Resources management: Those  forces listed above can be deployed for personal progress, as they are still the same forces required to grow your business.  Though, you will have to move beyond family and friends as you expand your business,  this happens when you can get them to patronize you and refer their own friends too.

(5) Mentors:  mentoring is vitally important, as the work from home mom need to connect with like minds, businesses and people who have passed through this same road you plan to take, by getting a mentor and connecting with others, you will learn from their wealth of knowledge. Hence you are unlikely to make the same mistakes and repeat their errors, once you take time to think your strategy.

(6) Resource management:  Starting capital is important to many businesses,  yet there are many more businesses that do not require  startup capital, but skills and initiative, like intellectual property.  but what this means is that you can start with nothing to become something if you manage the little finances that fall on your laps well, for instance , no matter how accomplished  you are , you would eventually need a laptop to continue improving your writing skills, so if you borrow a laptop today, you shouldn’t continue to borrow, you have to buy your own. The process from nothing to something call on your ability to manage resources.

(7) Quest for Knowledge:  Along with resource management is the ability to be open to learning. This is, the desire to learn new things, to listen to everyone who wants to counsel you on business, but the final decision has to be yours. This trait requires that ‘work from home moms’  be teachable.

(8) Self evaluation: Being teachable means constant self-appraisal, which could come in many ways. Personal and impersonal.

(9)  Writing: penning down your thoughts and new things, then constantly go back and review what you have written down. Along with writing down your thoughts and dreams is the ability to set Goals in every area of your life.

(10) Believe in yourself.