success stories

Erica Okogun

Erica is considered by her doctors to be a walking miracle. She has been disabled for many years and have a variety of disabilities. Erica had a successful career as a Union Electrician and was educated, as a Certified A&P Mechanic. When the work became too strenuous for her, luckily, she was able to retire. She was truly grateful for this, but at the same time she still had three small children at home and wondered how she and her husband was going to provide for them. Erica is highly intelligent, and really wanted to work, but she could not stand (for long periods), stoop or bend. How would she find work in her field? Erica was lucky enough to become involved with Promoted Parent.

Through, Promoted Parent she was matched with the perfect opportunity. She was offered the opportunity to teach aviation mechanics to inner city youth. This used her current skill set while allowing her the flexibility she needed. Please help us congratulate Erica, on a job well-done and much continued success!

Abigail Odejide

Please Meet Abigail Odejide when she approached Promoted Parent she was making #30,000 a month, which was barely enough to feed herself and her 2 children. She wanted to start a small food shop but needed #50,000 to get started. Even if she was able to save #1000 a month it would have taken her over 2 years to save enough to start a small business. Promoted Parent provided her with the #50,000 necessary and paid her disabled son's school fees for the year. 

Many new vendors take the proceeds from the sale of their business and pay school fees for the children instead of reinvesting it. We pay the school fees so the necessary money can be reinvested in the business. We are happy to report that she has tripled her income! She now makes over #100,000 a month and soon will be taking our online business education training, where she will learn to make even more! Join us in congratulating her! Congratulations Abigail!!