What we do at Promoted Parent is simple: we provide microfinance to people who need it. By microfinance, we mean a special type of funding given to unemployed or low-income individuals, groups or communities; people who do not have any access to such financial services. Microfinance allows people who lack adequate funding to start businesses that deliver steady income.

The World Bank indicates that more than 500 million people around the world have benefited from microfinance programs.

Promoted parent is a part of that process. We are a microfinance institution dedicated to helping parents create businesses that help lift them and their families out of poverty. Like other microfinance operations that take place in developing countries (where they are needed most), we have decided to launch our venture in Nigeria. We supply amounts ranging from #50,000 to #150,000 to parents who wish to start a successful business in the country.

By leveraging support from organisations and business around the world, Promoted Parent plans to provide funds to thousands of parents with disabled children in Nigeria. But we can’t do it all alone. Like all microfinance institutions, we need contributors who share our passion. Contact us today and let us discuss ways we can change the lives of people who need it the most.