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‘Our Mission is to provide parents with a disabled child an outlet with which to work from home, thus strengthening themselves, their family and community through gainful employment.’


Promoted Parent envisions the regular availability of work-from-home jobs for parents, especially mothers, with a disabled child. We strive towards economically stronger communities through family workforce interventions.


Since our inception as a non-profit organisation, Promoted Parent has contributed significantly to the development of workforce opportunities, for vulnerable communities who, have little access to stable jobs.

Driven by the love we have for our neighbour's; we say “we see your struggle and we are here to help.”  We understand that change begins from within; all our efforts are directed at helping local families improve their socioeconomic standing, to improve communities across the world.


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How to Get a Job During a Pandemic
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How to Get a Job During a Pandemic

Everyone is trying to convince you that getting a job is really hard during a pandemic. While, I am not..

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