5 Affirmations to Parenting Children Through Adversity


At the beginning of your parenting journey, it is perfectly normal to dream and imagine what life with your child will look like. What will their interests be? Will they enjoy the same foods you do? How will their personalities blend together with yours?


Children are notorious for taking these expectations and, well- not taking much mind to them. For better or for worse, it is what makes them interesting and unique! As wonderful as it is to be surprised by our child’s special talents and qualities, there are sometimes characteristics that are alarming and/or challenging. Whether these things are due to a mental or physical disability, an unsettled temperament, or a struggle to adapt to certain environments, it is no less than a learning curve for the parents.

Regardless of this, we love our babies. And we always will! The best thing we can do for our children (and ourselves!) is to educate and prepare ourselves so that when hardship arises, we can get through it calmly and consistently.


Being a parent in the 2022s is no joke. 24/7 access to the perfection of peers and celebrities alike via social media leaves us feeling guilty and inadequate. It seems that even the mothers who have been dealt extremely difficult hands in life easily handle it all with grace and ease.


When you feel yourself slipping into the comparison game, rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, no matter what emotion you experience in parenthood, always remember that you are not alone.

To reiterate that, we have compiled a list of 5 affirmations to tell yourself when the challenges of parenthood are overwhelming. Say them old loud, write them down, or post it in a place that you look at often, because no matter the circumstance- these things never change:


  1. All that I need is within me.
    • And all that your child needs is within you too. As a parent, there will be times where you need to be decisive. Trust yourself and remember that you are strong, smart, and capable!
  2. I am the best parent for my child.
    • Even at times where you feel at a loss or in over your head, remember that no one has a more profound understanding of your child or their situation than you do.
  3. I will remember to put my oxygen mask on first.
    •  When flight attendants are giving their safety speech at the beginning of any flight, you will hear them say that in the case of an emergency, an adult should always put their own oxygen mask on before helping a child to put on theirs. This is because if the adult runs out of oxygen in the process of helping their child, both people suffer.
    •   The same applies to real life. As a parent, it is crucial to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of your child.
    • I have gifts and talents- both in my parenting role and outside of it.
    • It’s easy to forget about your value and contribution to the world when you spend all of your time nurturing and catering to the needs of your child. Make time to embrace your hobbies and to engage in activities that bring you joy!
  4. This will not last forever.
    • No matter how intense the tantrum, how disgusting the diaper explosion, or how disheartening the end of the day feels, remember- this situation (and the feelings that come with it) will not last forever.

Parenting is not easy for anyone, but adding adversity on top makes it all the much harder. With the support of positive influences and a little self-confidence, you will be fine! You’ve got this!